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The Resume Whiz® offers various professional development opportunities through group coaching, seminars, and individual consultation. 
Resume Writing


Today’s competitively intense job market requires a powerful resume that will capture your story on who you are, pinpointing information that is critical to prospective employers. Most recruiters will spend less than 30 seconds reviewing your resume.



In this workshop the students will receive step-by-step guidance on how to craft their resume so that they can increase their chances of securing an interview. Crafting a resume can be complicated, but The Resume Whiz® will share proven ways to create a resume that stands out! Additionally, The Resume Whiz® will discuss a framework for creating a stellar cover letter.  Each student will leave the workshop with a completed resume and a complimentary copy of Cano’s book, Resumes That Stand Out!


My expertise is to craft a compelling resume that will not only increase your opportunity to an interview but also identify your leadership strengths, experience and capture the value you have to offer.   Even if you have a unique situation or challenge, I am able to meet that challenge! The Resume Whiz will create a resume for you that you will be confident and proud to distribute.

Career Fair Mastery


Career fairs are excellent places to meet company representatives and recruiters, who can stand between you and the internship or job of your dreams.  What are the key items you need to do prior, during, and after the career fair to increase your chances of getting an internship or job?  The Resume Whiz® will show you.

Life Coaching


Do you need help ensuring you have a plan to accomplish your goals? Do you need someone to help hold you accountable? If so, life coaching may be for you. As a life coach, I empower you to determine what is best for you and I help you to create goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Bound) to ensure you are successful in your endeavors.

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LinkedIn Optimization


LinkedIn is the most powerful social media platform today.  However, having an ineffective LinkedIn profile can be worse than not having one at all. 


During this workshop, The Resume Whiz® will highlight the main points to achieve an effective LinkedIn profile. This includes how to make your profile look more professional and approachable, how to create a memorable Summary section, and how to leverage LinkedIn for networking and learning about potential job opportunities. Each participant will leave with a completed LinkedIn profile.


At this day and age, it is crucial for professionals to have a stellar LinkedIn profile. According to LinkedIn, "members with up-to-date positions receive up to 5 times more connections requests, 8 times more profile views, and 10 times more messages". Additionally, LinkedIn states, "Adding at least 5 skills increases your chances of being found by recruiters via search 27 times more than members with less than 5 skills" listed on their profile.  The Resume Whiz® will create your profile so that you stand out on LinkedIn!


Cover Letter Creation


What's a cover letter?  If you are applying for an internship or job, you will most likely need a cover letter to accompany your resume.  


This workshop will explain all you need to know to write a cover letter that will impress a recruiter.  Each student will leave the workshop with a completed cover letter.


A cover letter should not contain the same information as what is present in the resume. It should portray the reasons as to why you are qualified for the role you are applying to and why the role is perfect for you. The Resume Whiz® will show you how to create an effective cover letter that you can be proud of. 


Mental Block Removal 


I know how to remove mental blocks that keep people from moving ahead in their career. This includes removing limiting beliefs.  In addition, I have found that many people get "stuck" or have issues experiencing success simply because they have chosen to believe something that is not true about themselves.  It could be something they heard at work or something they experienced decades ago as a child!



My expertise is to help people remove these mental blocks that are preventing them from achieving greatness so that they can create realities that actually serve them. Once an individual can think "clearly", I help them identify their leadership strengths and capture the value they have to offer.  These mental block removal techniques are very powerful and can change a person’s life for the better within minutes.

Interviewing Skills


Congratulations on being offered an interview!  Now what? 


Each participant in the workshop will receive the most commonly asked questions anyone should know prior to going to an interview.  In addition, each participant will receive a better understanding of how to answer behavioral-based questions using the STAR method. Participants will learn what to do BEFORE the interview, DURING the interview, and AFTER the interview.  This includes a discussion on appropriate dress attire as well. Participants will also demonstrate their skills during the workshop by performing mock interviews and will leave with a personal outline of how to structure their interview responses.


The interview can be nerve-wracking but you will be coached on the questions that are asked at almost every interview and will also get a better understanding of how to answer behavioral-based questions. You will then have a short period of time to prepare all of your responses to the questions and will then go through a mock interview to feel fully prepared for the interview.

Motivating attendees for resume building
Personal Branding


Just like every company has a brand, every professional has a brand as well.  What is your personal brand?  Knowing your personal brand is key to determining the types of jobs you want.


During this workshop, The Resume Whiz® will highlight the most important items to discover within yourself to achieve an effective personal brand.  The workshop will also touch upon topics, such as the importance of having a LinkedIn profile and professional headshot. Each student will leave the workshop with a completed personal branding statement. 


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